글로벌 링크

An open council that makes its citizens happy through communication and cooperation

We will make Seocho District Council a council
that serves its citizens to the fullest.

Seocho-gu council

Public Hearings

How to attend

The local council meeting will be opened basically.

So the inhabitants can attend freely. Anybody can attend at the meeting freely. Attending is classified as general attending (For the public), group attending (schools, others), and long term attending (press, dministration organ). Attending needs the chairman's permission, and the committee chairman's permission for attending of committee meeting.

Kinds of attending ticket

  • General : For the public
  • Goup : If the schools or other organs request, give tickets to the head or person in charge of those organs.
  • Long-term : For the press or public officials. They can attend in whole session


  • The tickets will be distributed from the council office by the chairmans's permission.
    (The council office telephone : 2155-7061)

Limit of attending

The people as following cannot attend.
  • Having deadly or dangerous objects
  • The drunken
  • Having mental problem
  • Other Suspicious people or anybody may violate orders
  • The chairman can limit attending for keeping orders.

Attendants must obey as follows

Attendants cannot do like these.
  • Going into the meeting hall
  • Wearing hat and coat
  • Having articles not related to the meeting
  • Eating or smoking
  • Reading newspapers or books during attending
  • Recording audio or video without the chairman's permission
  • Showing opinion or applause for the statement in the meeting hall
  • Other violent behaviors