글로벌 링크

An open council that makes its citizens happy through communication and cooperation

We will make Seocho District Council a council
that serves its citizens to the fullest.

Seocho-gu council

Legislation & Committees

  • General Meeting

    Legislation & Committees

    The Council consists of the general meeting, standing committee, and special committee. The District Council is aninternal organization that grants autonomy to the operation of the council in order to improve efficiency, professionalism and functionality of agenda deliberation, This is based on a representative system with a preliminary examination function, Meetings consist of regular meetings held twice a year and provisional meetings held as the need arises, Total meeting days shall not exceed 80 days a year.
    The first provincial meeting after a general election shall be convened by the administrator. However, the chairman of council may convence a provisional meeting within 15days of the time that administrator or 1/3rd of members registered request as such due to special needs.

    Operation of regular meeting and provisional meeting

    Operation of regular meeting and provisional meeting - Division, Session, Meeting, Main Agendas
    Division Session Meeting Main Agendas
    Stated Meeting within 120 days (Including Provisional meeting) twice a year Deliberation on budget, Approval of settlement, Audit on administrative affairs, Question to district affairs, Establishment of ordinances, reorganization
    Provisional meeting within 120 days (Including Regular meeting)
    • Request of District Administrator
    • Request by 1/3rd of members registered
    Question to district affairs, handing of petition, enactment of ordinances, reorganization and handing of other agenda items

    A general meeting is held with all members of council, as well as at the final stage of decision-making within the council.
    Resolution, assignment or decision at the council, Council generally refers to this general meeting.

    Agendas submitted to the council are referred to each standing committee. After the examination at standing committee, items are finally deliberated on at general meetin. This meeting is held with the presence of 1/3rd of members registered.


    • Final decision-making process at council


    • Deliberative Quorum - Presence of over 1/3rd of members registered
    • Deliberative Quorum - Resolved with the presence of majority of members registered and consent of majority of members present

    Meeting Proceeding

    • Declare opening
    • Report
    • Present agenda
    • Explain the proposal
      (Examination Report)
    • Q & A
    • Debate(Pros and cons)
    • Resolution(Voting)
    • Declare close of meeting
  • Committee

    Bill is the mater which the council deliberates. The committee is for efficient and professional review about the bill. The committee reports it to the main meeting.

    • There are standing committee and special committee for deliberation and handling about the bill. The special committee can be established for special case.
    • The standing committee chairman will be elected by major attending and major approval in the main meeting. The vice chairman will be elected by mutual vote in each standing committee.


    Committee - Committee, member, Jurisdiction matters
    Committee member Jurisdiction matters
    Steering committee 8
    • For council steering council
    • For council office
    • For special committee composition
    • For meeting rules and other rules for steering council
    Administration and welfare committee 7
    • For Auditing & Inspection officer
    • For Communication officer
    • For Culture & Administration Bureau
    • For Planning & Finance Bureau
    • For Resident Life Bureau
    Finance and Construction Committee 8
    • Ministry of Strategy and Finance
    • For City Management Bureau
    • For Safety, Construction & Traffic Bureau
    • For community Health Center

    Special committee

    The special committee will be established and operated for special matters by the council voting. The special committee can be existing until the matter is voted in the main meeting, and the term in office of committee is the committee's term of existence