글로벌 링크

An open council that makes its citizens happy through communication and cooperation

We will make Seocho District Council a council
that serves its citizens to the fullest.

Seocho-gu council

Ethics of Council Members

Code of Ethics for Seocho-gu District Councilors

As representatives of the people who are entrusted with the administration of the district, we pledge to work for the welfare of the district's residents and the development of democracy in our community. We also pledge to bring honor and prestige to our council by carrying out our duties conscientiously and diligently. To fulfill our pledge, we shall abide by following code of ethics.
  • As representatives of the district's residents, we shall maintain the dignity of councilors by fostering character and keeping good manners, and faithfully representing the will of the people.
  • As workers for the district's residents, we shall faithfully perform our duties in the spirit of public interest and protect the rights of the people and promote their welfare.
  • We shall set a good example by living a clean and frugal life and not abusing our position to promote dishonest gains or to engage in unfair business practices related to our duties.
  • We are committed to equal opportunity and fair conditions between the councilors, and to create a sound working environment within the council by solving problems with sufficient debate and adherence to due process.
  • We, as their spokesman, shall hold ourselves accountable for our council activities to the district's residents.