글로벌 링크

An open council that makes its citizens happy through communication and cooperation

We will make Seocho District Council a council
that serves its citizens to the fullest.

Seocho-gu council

Role of the Council

Role of the Council

The Council possesses the authority to establish, revise and abolish ordinances, deliberate and decide on the budget, in addition to its authority to approve settlements of accounts as the region's epresentative, poilcy-maker, arbitrator and administrative supervisor. The Council is also responsible for auditing and inspecting the executive organ as well as receiving petitions and statements submitted by residents. In addition, the Council has the rights to self-regulate its operations, such as establishing regulations for Council, opening and closing of the Coucil, setting return dates. Additional self-regulation funcions include internal operations such as vote of censure with respect to Speaker and Deputy Speaker, the right to maintain order and right to internal investigation.

Council, Exective Body, Residents
  • Council
    • Administrative business audit and inspection
    • Establishment-revision-abolition of ordinances
    • Deliberation-decision-apporoval of budget settlement of accounts
    • Receive and process petitions and representations
  • Exective Body
    • Report and notification of decision on deliberation of bills such as ordinances request for attendance
    • Request reconsideration for bills submitted such as ordinances, request convocation of meetings
  • Residents
    • Election - petition - representation
    • Notification of results