글로벌 링크

An open council that makes its citizens happy through communication and cooperation

We will make Seocho District Council a council
that serves its citizens to the fullest.

Seocho-gu council

Council Staff

  • Head of the Council Staff
    • Council Central Staff
    • Administrative Affairs Team
      • Establish the plan for operating District Council
      • Record and manage position of Committee members
      • Budget, Accounting, Finance
    • Legislative Document Team
      • Manage agenda schedule
      • Arrange and publish the agenda & the deliberation document
      • Edit and publish the minutes Receive and process petition and appeal
    • Public Relation Team
      • Collection & offering of Press release for council
      • The Promotion Materials (Society Report, Affection of Seocho) are published
      • Council’s Homepage & Internet Broadcasting

Council Telephone numbers

Council Telephone numbers - division, Phone number, Fax number
divisionPhone numberFax number
Head of the Council Staff 2155-3100 2155-7096
Council Central Staff 2155-7051, 7052, 7053
Administrative Affairs Team 2155-7068
Legislative Document Team 2155-7071
Public Relation Team 2155-7081